Saturday, August 20, 2011

Harvey_final report

The rain stopped about 50 minutes ago. The wind has died down to a light breeze from the west. Rainfall since 10AM was about 3.3 inches (84mm), total rainfall since yesterday was almost 5 inches (124mm). This rainfall brought the overall rainfall for August 2011 to about normal for the month.

Harvey 4

Harvey is now directly over Belize. Belmopan is experiencing some heavy rainfall right now. Some thunder was heard. The center of the storm appears to passing right near Belmopan. A strong breeze is blowing from the west so we must be on the south side of the center of the storm. More update soon.

Harvey 3

TS Harvey has remained active and is now approaching Belize. Rainfall will be quite heavy as the center of the storm moves inland. However, the strongest winds will affect only a small area and should not be more than 50 to 60 mph or 80 to 90 kph. Next report in 3 hours.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Harvey 2

A non-rotating cell has emerged. Such a cell can collapse just as fast as it formed. It could collapse and then re-form near Belize. If this happens then we could get a lot of rain. Will know by the morning. Last report for tonight.


I doubt if Harvey will amount to very much at all, no where near as bad as anticipated. Something drastic will have to happen to make this TS turn into a monster.
I have been out of Belize from July 17 to Aug 18 and that is the reason there were no reports for this period. But I was following the weather here and it seems like it was fairly dry. However, a new storm has developed off the coast of Belize called Tropical Storm Harvey. We are having a shower from Harvey right now which should pass by soon. The main area of rain will arrive here late tonight. This storm should put an end to the drought. More Later. Don