Thursday, May 31, 2012

The image shows the weather at 2315 hr May 30. Around 10PM last night, thunderstorms developed along the southern Guatemala border and moved to the northeast across Belize. Belmopan experience some heavy thunder around 11 PM. By midnight the storm had passed. Rainfall was measured to be 35mm or about 1.4 inches. This brings the total rainfall for May to 276 mm or 10.9 inches which is above normal. All of this rain fell in the last half of the month. Virtually all of the rainfall was due to moist air flowing north to northeastward across Central America from the South and Pacific. The central Caribbean itself was and still is relatively dry. High Pressure in the eastern Caribbean created an anticyclone circulation which carried moisture along the north coast of South America then up through Central America. There is a body of African Dust over the Atlantic between here and the west coast of Africa.

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