Monday, June 13, 2011

Belmopan Thunderstorm

What looks like the beginning of the real rainy season was an isolated event that affected only Belize and specifically, Belmopan, last night. The image to the right shows the extent of the storm. The storm actually developed directly over Belmopan, it did not move in from some place else. It then expanded out in all directions as shown in  the image. The time of the storm was from just before 3AM and lasted until 4:40AM. I measured 132mm of rain or 5.2 Inches at my location. At sunrise this morning there is an even larger storm cell developing in southern Belize. This storm is affecting mainly Belize itself. The surrounding areas remain relatively dry. In fact the whole of the Caribbean is under the influence of a very dry air mass. See the images, the pale blue area of the TPW (total precipitable water). The other image is the storm area in the south. The storm is expanding northward and now producing more rain in Belmopan. There is still a westerly wind shear but it is much weaker than a few days ago. Don't know what is going to happen next!

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