Thursday, April 28, 2011

Big Lightening Storm

Around 3PM a cluster of thunderstorms rapidly developed over the Yucatan including Belize. The storm cells exploded into an area of very dry air. As a result there was a spectacular display of lightening due the static electrical discharges. At one point, lightening strikes were seconds apart. This violent display lasted for about 15 minutes. By 4PM the storm had pretty well dissipated. There was not a lot of rainfall associated with the storm due to the dry conditions. I measured only about 6mm here in Belmopan. There were no significant winds. There were reports of hail south and west of Belmopan. Most likely this so called hail was a wrongly reported and what actually was falling from the sky was really Ice Pellets. In spite of the storm, there was no disruption of electrical power here in Belmopan. However, there were some reports of electronic devices being destroyed.

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